Antenatal Education 3 DVD Boxed Set

Essential birth education videos

REAL BIRTH STORIES is an antenatal education in a 3 DVD boxed set.

Five couples’ warts-and-all stories of pregnancy, birth & early parenting – it’s the real naked truth about having a baby that no-one ever tells you.

Perfect supplements to NHS or NCT antenatal classes

Informative, inspirational, informative and entertaining!

Information that helps remove the fear of birth making your birth experience better.

Packed full of bonus features giving you plenty of practical top tips!

PAL 16×9 Total Running Time: 216 MINUTES

Disc One: Pregnancy

Covering: Journey to conceiving, first scan, sex during pregnancy, cravings, antenatal classes, false alarms & going overdue.

Bonus Features: sleeping positions, using a birth ball and what to pack in your hospital bag.

Running Time: 65 minutes


Disc Two: Childbirth

Covering: first signs of labour, getting to hospital, pain relief, natural birth, ventouse, c-sections and 3rd stage.

Bonus feature: birth positions demonstrations.

Running Time: 65 minutes


Disc Three: First Few Weeks

Covering: coming home, physical after effects, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, establishing a routine, dealing with demands of the baby and sex after childbirth.

Bonus feature: tours of the new parents’ nurseries plus practical demonstrations of how to make up a bottle, how to give a newborn a bath and how to change a nappy!

Running Time: 65 minutes



“I’m a first time mum at 31 weeks. The film is a great resource for professionals & mums-to-be. It was friendly, informal but very practical.” Julie, first time mum

“I’ve been reading voraciously but there are still some things you can’t get from a book, or you don’t want to bore your friends with yet more questions! The DVDs have everything as they demystify many of the uncertainties.” Sara, first time mum

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